13120 Willow Creek Road
Ione, CA 95640
(209) 274-4807

Tanis Vineyards Winery

After some incredible experiences with winemaking and the encouragement of those around us, we began commercial production with our 2005 vintage. What an extraordinary year! Since 2005 we have maintained an 800+ case per year production. We work very hard, but strive to keep our relationships and family a distinct priority.

We are blessed to have relationships with select Amador growers that allow us access to some of the best quality Amador fruit around. The love and care the vines experience is something I’d call extraordinary. Biodynamic farming, limited irrigation, well-drained soils, small berry size, later season harvesting, and meticulous vineyard care result in special grapes that we are truly grateful to receive.

Andrew is a passionate wineartist who creates delicious limited production wine from these fine grapes, not merely delicious wine...fun, eccentric, unusual, intelligent, interesting, authentic wine.

Although I do not understand all the facets and functions of his winemaking style, I’ll say that I am very proud of the wine Andrew is making and feel his techniques may be culturally significant to the wine industry. His style definitely expresses something that the public enjoys that is in my opinion somewhat rare and maybe even cutting-edge.

Our story continues to unfold and it is always exciting for us to share what we produce with you.


"Wine grapes become special the same way people do, through things that challenge and test them, through things that almost break them, through the process of overcoming difficulty and the resulting character that is grown from the trial endured. I love special people, and I love special wine. Both exhibit the confidence that comes from the gratitude of knowing who they are and what it took to become so gentle, strong, and wise."

~ Tanis

Beautiful Grape Vines Wet With Dew at Tanis Vineyards Winery.