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TANIS Wine Availability

I would describe TANIS wine as consistently dramatic and plush with a variety of concentrated fruit flavors. Complex and layered, our wines are often spicy with just the right amount of oak. When tasting our bold red varietals you can expect a rich and intense experience. Our white wines are dry, crisp and refreshing.

Updated 03/18/2017

  • TANIS 2016 Malvasia Bianca - $19
    Fun and unique! Light and refreshing with hints of citrus. Pairs well with seafood and soft cheeses.
  • TANIS 2016 Chardonnay - $20
    A rare and special Amador County chardonnay.
  • TANIS 2016 Sauvignon Blanc - $20
    Soft pleasing flavors of honeydew and green apple! Perfect for your next picnic!
  • TANIS 2013 Pinotage - $38
    Pairs incredibly well with roasted meats including barbecue.
  • TANIS 2012 Cabernet Franc - $30
    A full bodied Cab Franc with beautifully soft berry flavors and hints of cocoa.
  • TANIS 2013 Petite Sirah - $28
    Fruit forward, dark, smooth, delicious!
  • TANIS 2013 Primitivo - $30
    Rich and jammy with hints of vanilla and white pepper.
  • 2014 TANIS Late Harvest Zinfandel - $40
    Lighly sweet, inky dark, zintasticly amazing. Seriously Super Good Stuff!
  • 2013 TANIS Late Harvest Barbera - $45
    Juicy ripe flavors of grapes left to bask in the late harvest sun.

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The Winemaker's Methods

Being a wine producer with a minimal production allows winemaker Andrew to lovingly tend his vines and wine to ensure optimum quality.

For Andrew, winemaking is much more than a science; it is also an art. There is just something magical about the way Andrew crafts his wine that allows him to draw out every bit of color, flavor, and tannin the harvest has to offer... he would say it's supernatural blessing.

Andrew Tanis making Barbera wine.  Very deep, dark colored wine.

It’s also quality fruit and the winemaker's passion... Andrew’s winemaking techniques emphasize intensity, concentration, and balance to express the authentic qualities of each varietal. His personality and heart are communicated straight through his wines from start to lingering finish.